ZENY Birdcage Pet Large Bird Cage 61″ Play Top Parrot Cockatiel Cockatoo Parakeet Finch Pet Supply (61″)

ZENY Birdcage Pet Large Bird Cage 61
  • Durable metal wire bar to secured large birds
  • Strong and steady metal main frame
  • Top play area with ladder, 2 stainless steel bowls and a perch, Large steel front door with snapping lock
  • Large steel front door with 3 feeder doors with locks for easy feeding, 3 large interior stainless steel feeding bowls, 1 Interior Long Wooden Perch for Resting, bar space: 0.5inchlock
  • Cage Size: 45.8 x45.5 x83.5 cm/18 x17.9 x32.9inch (L x W x H)
    Total Size: 65 x65 x154 cm/25.6 x25.6 x61inch (L x W x H)
    Door Size: 43 x 22.5 cm/16.9 x 8.8inch (L x W x H), Bar Spacing: 1.2cm/0.5inch, Two Small Bowl Diameters :10cm /3.9inch, Two Large Bowl Diameters :10.5cm /4.1inch, Base Tray Size:43 x 39 cm/16.9 x 15.4 inch G.W.: Approx 21.50 kg /47.4 LB
    Color: Black

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