Using A Dog For Home Security

guard dog photo
Photo by pasa47

Alarm systems are not the only option when it comes to house security. There are a lot of other things you can set up in your house that will stop an intruder from gaining entry– a number of them are really easy and economical.

The secret is to protect the possible points of entry. This suggests that doors need to be made from strong materials (certainly not plastic or glass), be correctly connected to their hinges and have tamper-resistant locks. It would be preferable if you have an additional deadbolt, made from really strong metal, which can be locked during the night.

Windows must be made from toughened glass, ideally double-glazed, so that they are nearly impossible to break. Although window locks are fairly unusual, they help considerably with security, and you should consider installing them. If your home has windows in a position where they can be quickly and quietly accessed from the street, such as basement windows, you need to think about putting metal bars on them.

It is likewise crucial for your garden to be safe, as even more robbers will go through the back of your home than the front. This means that your fences must be high and have some type of anti-climbing protection (spikes or anti-climb paint can work well). If you do not like fences, get huge hedges instead.

Another option to think about is getting a dog. They can be remarkably efficient against intruders, who will not wish to bother dogs if they can prevent it. For this technique to be more effective, set up a ‘beware of the dog’ sign outside. Smaller sized dogs may not work for this due to the fact that they are usually not frightening. Large breeds like a German shepherd will be best not only because of their size but because of their strong guarding instincts that make them hostile to complete strangers.

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