Small Pet Kangaroo Pouch – Made in the USA (Large, Black)

Small Pet Kangaroo Pouch - Made in the USA (Large, Black)
  • Provides a warm and cozy place for a small pet to sleep and hide. Detachable lanyard allows a pet owner to comfortably carry the pouch on their chest for extended periods of time, which helps with BONDING. Excellent for raising and nurturing small baby pets
  • Hands-free, easy transport of a pet, while keeping it close to your body reducing anxiety in pets
  • Can be hung from the top or side of an enclosure / cage. Opens up on one side only to keep in warmth.For ground-dwelling pets, lay down on the ground with the pocket being slightly open to allow a pet to get inside easily
  • Chew-resistant hanging loops (300 lbs tensile strength). High-quality, DOUBLE-LAYERED, ANTI-PILL fleece that resists pilling and fraying
  • Size: Large (~ 11 inches wide x 10 inches high): Perfect for small pets, such as birds/parrots (up to the size of conures), rats, flying squirrels, larger sugar gliders, Guinea pigs, gerbils, baby or dwarf rabbits, small chinchillas and other small pets weighing no more than 2 lbs

• CARE: Remove lanyard and quick links. Wash pouch on a cold or warm water setting (delicate cycle). Tumble dry on low heat. • SAFETY FIRST! For vulnerable pets (those that can’t fly or jump from great heights – such as guinea pigs), it is important to harness such pets, or to keep them under constant supervision, or by only using the pouch while sitting down. The pouch can be simply placed on the owner’s lap for safety and warmth. If going outside, any pet should be harnessed or secured in a way that prevents escaping or falling. Before each use, check the pouch for any damage. For the safety of your pet, do not use this item if you see any holes or loose threads. • COLORS: This pouch is available in red, turquoise / blue and black. The shades of the actual item may vary slightly due to different computer monitor/tablet settings and/or photo lighting.
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