Necoichi Portable Cat Cage and Litter Box Set

Necoichi Portable Cat Cage and Litter Box Set
  • Pop-open, fully collapsible, portable cat cage is convenient and comfortable for both you and your cat. It can be used as 1. Travelling. Happy cats make for happy travel! 2. Emergency, disaster escape 3. A private room for a cat(s) 4. An escape from the stresses of moving, having guests over, and cleaning
  • Roll up-large mesh panels for maximum ventilation and visibility-Zipper locks will prevent cat escaping outside, safe and reliable.
  • Large enough to easily fit two cats with travel litter box. Carrying bag included.
  • Huge life savor for traveling felines. Portable litter box for on the road and at home.
  • Seamless and durable waterproof liner makes for easy cleaning -hand-wash only

These Necoichi portable cage and litter are a huge lifesaver for traveling felines. Happy cats, happy travel!
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