Majestic Pet Products Multi-Level Cat Kennel and Playpen Cage Condo House (52.25 x 33.25 x 24 Inch)

Majestic Pet Products Multi-Level Cat Kennel and Playpen Cage Condo House (52.25 x 33.25 x 24 Inch)
  • Dimension: 52.25 x 33.35 x 24 inches. Hatch top on the cat condo for easy access to your cat and for easy cleaning
  • 3 access doors on front of the cat kennel playpen with spring lock doors, lets your kitty go in and out with ease
  • 2 plush platforms with ladders for your cats to have a little bit of fun and climb between levels
  • Plush cubby hideout for your cat to rest in comfort. Plastic base tray for spilling accident and simple cleaning
  • NOTE: Due to the large size of the cat playpen, it will ship and deliver in 2 seperate packages. Package dimensions: 23 in. x 16 in. x 5 in. and 53 in. x 36 in. x 6 in.

The Majestic Pet Products Multi-Level Cat Kennel and Playpen is designed with your cat’s heath in mind with many great new features that make the owner’s life much easier as well. A large condo playpen designed for housing several cats or kittens and the exceptional engineering makes our cat cage easy to assemble. The spring lock doors allows easy access to your pet and safely locks into place as needed. When your cat is ready to curl up for a nap, the Cat Kennel Playpen also comes equipped with a comfortable plush cubby hideout that is securely attached to the top platform.

3 Access Doors On Front with Spring Lock Doors
Plush Cubby Hideout
2 Plush Platforms With Ladders For Cats to Climb Between Levels
Plastic Base Tray For Spilling Accidents

Product Size
Length: 33.25 in.
Width: 24 in.
Height: 52.25 in.

Door Size
Length: 15 in.
Width: 15 in.

Package Contents
1 Cat Cage Main Frame
2 Plush Platforms
2 Ladders
1 Plastic Base Tray
1 Plush Cubby Hideout
….

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