LONDAFISH Electric Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaner Syphon Operated Gravel Water Filter Cleaner Sand Washer

LONDAFISH Electric Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaner Syphon Operated Gravel Water Filter Cleaner Sand Washer
  • The cleaner can install the battery and use by the adaptor directly.(the package contain the connector:3V 2A) Freely adjust the different lengths:62cm/73cm/100cm,suitable for both shallow and deep aquarium
  • Can clean gravel, siphon the fish excreta and other dirt out effectively without requiring a water change
  • Ideal for complete aquarium cleaning or quick spot maintenance and actually continuous work within 20 minutes
  • High safety performance,only need 2 size alkaline battery.The blue hose length:70 cm;diameter:1 cm
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Instructions for use 

1.Installed gravel cleaner,please keep the water level between the MAX and MIN,then strat switch.When the outlet can draw water,raise the gravel cleaner,let the head and outlet above the water. 

2.Idle spin out of water can’t beyond one minute. 

3.Batteries must be installed on the right way. 

4.The collect dirt bag should be clean after gravel cleaning each time


Why can not pump

The cleaner pumping function is work by siphon effect.

Put the start water line which below the handle into water when you use the cleaner and turn on the switch.

If the water level is really too low, you can take out the No. 2/3/4 extension tube and pump directly by the No. 1 sand-washer mainframe.

Please be careful avoid over the water level above the guard line.

About the suction

You can remove the gravel cleaner when clean the fish manure,and pump by pipe directly

Please note

The main function of the Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaner  is aquarium drainage,filter dirt and clean the fish tank

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