Kaytee Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48-Inch Wide

Kaytee Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48-Inch Wide
  • Extra roomy 2 story living space for outdoor rabbits
  • Made of durable high quality material to withstand the outdoor elements
  • Engineered for easy assembly with easy to follow instructions
  • Deluxe features include a nesting box hideout, multiple access doors, pull out tray with wire grate, secure locks and superior ventilation
  • Hutch is 48 inches long 50.5 inches high and 24.25 inches wide
  • Kaytee, formerly Super Pet.

Super Pet Hutches feature durable shingles rooftops that are weather and rain resistant to keep pets safe and dry. The wood is treated with a pet safe stain to provide a longer hutch life. The feature packed hutches have a nesting box hideout, multiple access doors, a hay manger, and a E-Z Clean pull-out litter tray with wire grate. The elevated living area has secure locks and plenty of open space for ventilation. All Super Pet hutches are easy to assemble with fewer parts and easy to follow instructions. Actual size 48 inches long, 50.5 inches high and 24.25 inches wide. The ideal size for single or multiple rabbits.


Super Pet Premium Hutches offer the ideal living space for outdoor rabbits! To ensure a long hutch life, the new hutches are made with the highest quality weather and rain resistant materials. The hutches are easy to assemble and have fewer overall steps and parts. Each hutch is also environmentally friendly. For every tree used during construction, a new tree is planted.  The 2-Story 48″ Huch is ideal for single or multiple rabbits.

Product Features

  • Nesting box hideout
  • Multiple doors for easy access
  • Hay manger
  • Pullout tray with wire grate
  • Secure locks

Kaytee and Super Pet Bestsellers

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100079890 18″L x 30″W x 30″H Yes Yes Hammock Chinchillas, Degus, Sugar Gliders
My First Home, Large
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100079080 18″L x 30″W x 16″H Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs
Habitat Defined Rabbit Habitat
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100501971 41.25″L x 18″W x 18.75″H (31.5″H with Stand) Yes Rabbits
Super Pet Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story
Habitat Image
100503685 48″L x 24.25″W x 50.5″H Rabbits
Habitat Defined Guinea Pig Habitat
Habitat Image
100501968 30.25″L x 18″W x 20.25″H (29.25″H with stand) Yes Guinea Pigs

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