Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack

Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack
  • Building is customizable to your liking
  • Allows plenty of space for your pet to roam around
  • Retractable roof allows easy access to your pet
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes Transport Unit, 2-10 inch Trails, 1Tee, 1 Cube

The Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack is the perfect addition for your pet to take his explorations to new heights! The Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack is customizable to how you want to build it, and lets your hamster roam to different hideaways. Your hamster can choose to go for a snooze in his den, or burrow his way up to the transport unit and then jet back down for a quick snack back in his pad. The retractable roof at the top allows you easy access to your pet, and the clear plastic allows you to view your pet at all times. The Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack is the perfect way to expand your pet’s home.
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