Guinea Pig Care: Is A Guinea Pig Right For You?

Guinea Pig photo
Photo by photon_de

If you are wanting to get a new pet, you may need to think about a guinea pig. Guinea pigs, also referred to as cavies, are lovable furry little critters that will give you a variety of joy. Guinea pigs generally are a perfect first pet for youngsters as a result that they are straightforward to look after, and much more cuddly than a hamster or fish.

If you are enthusiastic about getting a pet to live with you, you may at first take into account a dog or cat. These animals are perfect for homes if you have the time to dedicate to owning a pet. Canines and cats need plenty of consideration, as well as lots of space. Guinea pigs however are just as cute as dog and cats, and they do not require near as much space or care. Many individuals love the thought of guinea pigs as first pets for kids because they live a lot longer than hamsters or gerbils. In reality, a well cared for guinea pig can live up to eight or nine years, although 5-6 is the norm. Once you own a guinea pig, you’ll be hooked by these cute, candy natured critters.

When you go to the store to get a guinea pig, it is always a good suggestion to take a look at them carefully and select them by their personality. Every guinea pig has his or her own personality. Some are extra reserved in nature, while others are more outgoing. If you are choosing a guinea pig for your child, you need a guinea pig which can tolerate being held and petted. Guinea pigs usually are not aggressive, although they may nibble a finger, however your little one will have no enjoyment with a shy guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are additionally social animals, they usually enjoy the company of other guinea pigs. If you’re planning to get a guinea pig, you need to take into account getting two guinea pigs at the same time. Male guinea pigs get along quite well with one another if you get them when they’re babies. Male guinea pigs will battle with each other if you happen to introduce them after they’re grown, although it is possible, but may take a few weeks while they sort out who the Alpha male is. Female guinea pigs usually get along with each other within hours. It’s not recommended that you just get a male and a female, except if you want to breed guinea pigs.

When taking a look at guinea pig cages, you want to find one that has sufficient room for running and play. Guinea pigs like to remain hidden when they sleep, so be sure that your cage has a place they can hide. A plastic or wooden construction contained in the cage is always a very good idea. You will also need to add some type of bedding to the underside of your guinea pig cage for a quick cleanup. Cedar chips are not recommended. You also wish to add a big water bottle. If you have, two guinea pigs consider getting two water bottles. Guinea pigs love to drink water, so just be sure you give them loads of recent water every day. Food such as cucumber can also be supplied so that they get a drink.

Some consultants suggest adding vitamin C drops to their water. This works properly for some guinea pigs. Nonetheless, some guinea pigs don’t like the taste and will not drink the water. When you do decide to add vitamin C drops to their water, be sure that they’re staying hydrated throughout the day. Should you choose not to make use of vitamin C drops with their water. You may complement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs love fresh greens and fruits of all kinds. Simply make sure that you are not overfeeding your guinea pigs and use vegatables and fruits as treats. So far as food is concerned, you will want to feed your guinea pigs specifically formulated guinea pig pellets available at pet stores. Guinea pigs also need lots of hay to assist help in digestion.

Guinea pigs are great pets for all sorts of homes. You and your children will enjoy these lovely pets for many years to come.

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