How To Get Started With Dog Training

Dog Training photo
Photo by airwaves1

With your first dog, obedience training can be overwhelming. It is difficult to know where to start so do a lot of research and find resources to help you. There are classes available for dog training but these are not necessary if you are willing to allot time and effort to teach your dog. With a positive attitude, training can be a fun and fulfilling activity for both of you. Here are the basic things you need to know to about training your new furry companion.

  • Training should be fun for both you and your dog. Depending on the breed, there are dogs that will be easier to train and those that are more stubborn, but all of them will require patience and understanding. If your dog does not understand you at once, do not get angry or frustrated. Training will take time and you should start with praising and rewarding good behavior.
  • Consistency is key. If your dog is not allowed to sit on the couch or beg for food on the table, then they should never be allowed to do so, without any exceptions. You should also schedule regular training sessions. Dogs can have short attention spans so keep the sessions short and fun.
  • Teach your dog the basic commands first. Before you can expect your dog to do fun tricks, you will have to teach them the basic ‘sit’, ‘stay’, or ‘down’. Aside from being the easiest to teach, these will be essential for a manageable dog and a pleasant household. Dogs that are trained to sit and stay on command will not knock food from your hand or suddenly run out of the house when the door is open.

Never punish your dog for bad behavior, especially when the damage is already done. You should not hit or yell at your dog when you find out that he has chewed on your favorite pair of slippers. They will not understand why you are angry and why they are being punished. You can only correct this behavior if you catch them in the act and firmly say ‘no’.

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