Dxcel LED Aquarium Air Bubble Light Fish Tank Air Curtain Bubble Stone Disk with 6 Color Changing LEDs

Dxcel LED Aquarium Air Bubble Light Fish Tank Air Curtain Bubble Stone Disk with 6 Color Changing LEDs
  • Can connect to air pump for air bubble billow effect.(Air pump not included). 
  • IP68 waterproof rate, excellent sealed design, can be fully submerged in water.
  • 6 colour changing LEDs and an airstone combined in a single decor piece.
  • Built-in airstones create air bubbles for improved oxygenation and gas exchange.
  • Creates a decorative array of bubbles and colorful column of air in your aquarium.

This Round Bubble Disk creates a healthy and decorative volcano of bubbles.
The decorative volcano of bubbles distributes air evenly while assisting in maintaining an even water temperature and circulation.

Endless Color Combinations
It Create a colorful column of bubbles in your aquarium with endless color combinations thanks to color changing RGB LEDs.

Makes an Ideal Lunar Night Light
Fully submersible linear LED accent light has 6 LEDs for striking light effects in any aquarium setup.

Attaches Securely to Bottom of Aquarium
This fish tank bubble maker fill with stone, can sit at the bottom of tank steady with suction cup.

Increase Aeration for Healthy Aquariums
Bubbles beautify your aquarium display, improve water quality, and make your aquarium more hospitable for inhabitants.

Note: Please put the item into water to soak for 15-20 minutes before you connected it to the air pump, so that bubbles can emit alll around.

Assembly Directions:
1:Connect the air stone to the airline tubing and the airline tubing to the air pump.
2:Use the suction cups to secure the LED fixture to the bottom of aquarium and cover it with gravel.
3:Connect the plug to a GFCI outlet and create a drip loop to prevent water from traveling along the cord and contacting the plug.

Package Include:
1 X 5″LED Round Bubble Light
1 X Air tube
1 X Sucker
1 X 5 ft long power cord
1 X 12V DC adpter (US Plug)

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