What Is The Correct Metacam Dose For Guinea Pigs?

vet photo
Photo by mattymatt

Having kept guineas pigs for nearly twenty years, a common question that comes up on the internet is what is the correct Metacam dose for guinea pigs?

One problem with vets is that many are either dog/cat specialists, or work with mainly farm animals. There are not that many who specialize in guinea pig treatments. When a guinea pig is ill we want the best treatment for it. Sometimes they are in pain, and this is often treated with Metacam. This drug is fine to use on guinea pigs, and can be used for the long term without an issue.

The problem is that most vets side with caution, thinking that because of the size of the animal, it only requires a small dose. Metacam comes in two types, Metacam for Cats, and Metacam for Dogs. Most vets go with the former, and recommended 0.1mg a day.

What they do not take into account it the fast metabolism of guinea pigs. They tolerate Metacam for Dogs very well, and this is twice the strength of the car one.

Having had many dealing with Suzanna, at Birch Heath, Tarporley, an exotic pet specialist, and Simon Maddock, at the Cat and Rabbit Clinic in Northampton, it is perfectly safe to give an adult guinea pig of 1kg or more, 0.25mg-0.3mg of Metacam for Dogs twice a day.

However, this should only be given to animals who have chronic pain, such as long term dental issues, bladder/kidney issues, etc. For other problems with pain, then short term guinea pig doses should be 0.1-0.2mg twice a day. Start on the lower end, and see how the guinea pig settles down.

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