Choosing a Pet Rabbit

Pet Rabbit photo
Photo by Ke Wynn

Selecting the best rabbit for you and your household can be a really exciting process. Presently, there are over 40 acknowledged types of rabbits. A lot of these types have several ranges and colors. Rabbits also vary in size from 2 pounds to over 10 pounds. So there are plenty of options.

Numerous breeders provide various responses concerning the favored gender for a pet rabbit. This is intensified by the specific character of the rabbit. Frequently a doe (female rabbit) that is not sterile can end up being territorial when she reaches maturity. She might nip at you when you grab her or her food and water bowls. Some does will stop being aggressive when a familiar face feeds her every day. If you do not want your rabbit to reproduce, and you desire a doe, it is best to have her sterile to help lower the possibility that she might secure her den.

Bucks (male rabbits) provide a completely different issue. Bucks typically are not aggressive. Nevertheless, spraying can be an issue. When the buck reaches maturity he might begin to spray his urine all over to let the world understand he is all set for a mate. Once again, not all bucks will do this, and usually the ones that do, will only do so for a brief time period. This issue can be removed by having the buck neutered.

Grooming is another factor to consider. The wool types such as angoras and jersey woolies need additional work in grooming. All rabbits require an excellent regimen of grooming by their caretaker, however the wool types need more time due to the nature of their fur type.

The best method to see and discover rabbits is to participate in a rabbit program. At the rabbit reveal you will discover lots of breeders and the majority of the types of rabbits. To discover a program near you visit our calendar page and look for a program in your state.

I would not advise purchasing a rabbit without first seeing it, nor would I suggest acquiring a rabbit from a pet shop. It would be in your advantage to discover a breeder of the type you believe you would like in your location. Check with that breeder. See exactly what the conditions in the barn are. Ask if you can hold a rabbit. Enjoy the rabbit’s response to their cage being opened. Rabbits that like attention, will instantly approach the door, some will even make delighted groaning type sounds. Other rabbits will go to the back of the cage right away. If a rabbit moves to the back, it is most likely not a great rabbit for you.

Enjoy looking for that ideal rabbit. There are lots of sizes, colors, and options and discovering the suitable rabbit for you can be time consuming, however will be really gratifying in the end.

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