Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier (Large, Pink)

Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier (Large, Pink)
  • The Cozy Comfort Carrier features a roomy bag made of tightly woven 100 % cotton, never unbreathable nylon, yet it still resists scratching and snags.
  • The Velcro collar adjusts like a drawstring to fit any neck size. Wide and soft, it is inside the cotton neckline for added comfort. A handle on the back of the bag becomes a shoulder-strap and a seatbelt pass-through in your car.
  • We Guarantee it will be easier to use than a crate carrier or your money back (see Guarantee)
  • One size does not fit all! We have three sizes available to ensure your cat has a comfortable fit. These bags are designed wide and loose to allow your cat to stretch, sit, stand and move in any position, like he can in a crate. But the cat’s head stays out to ease the fear of confinement that often causes them to struggle against the crate!
  • Your purchase helps animals in need! Cat-in-the-bag donates sale proceeds to the Allie Foundation, which helps organizations that rescue and shelter domestic and wild animals.

The Cat in the bag, Cozy Comfort Carrier is a bag-style carrier designed especially for cats. The cat can’t get loose outside or while medicine is being administered. But the restraint is gentle and comfortable because the 100 percent cotton bag is soft and roomy, allowing the cat to move inside of it. There are three sizes available to ensure your cat’s comfort. The cat stays calmer. The bag is easier to put on the cat than it is to put him in a crate or wrap a towel around him to give medicine.
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